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Customs Clearance

The State of Qatar applies strict regulations which must be adhered to regarding the customs clearance of goods. All goods must be recorded on a customs declaration form and a manifest in order to be submitted to GAC upon arrival.

Failure to comply with the Customs Law may result in delays, holding of goods, penalties, storage/demurrage fees, or the return of goods to origin.

All goods imported into the State of Qatar are subject to customs duties, based on a percentage value of goods (typically 5%), or a per unit basis. The value of goods is calculated according to the Regulations under the Customs and Ports Law.

Our Solutions includes:

  • Customs Clearance at any port of Entry in Qatar

  • Personal Cargo Customs Clearance at all the entry points in Qatar

  • Import / Export of Car Clearance

  • Direct / Indirect Delivery of DG Cargo Clearance

  • ATA Carnet Clearance

  • Bulk Cargo Handling and Clearance